Safety & Operational Modifications

As outdoor venues across the state of Texas begin to reopen, Concrete Street Amphitheater is well positioned to host limited- capacity outdoor events safely and securely while following all necessary precautions and guidelines to ensure the safety of our guests.    

The demand for quality of life events for the citizens of Corpus Christi and surrounding areas is higher now than ever.  Additionally, the Convention & Visitors Bureau has a fundamental need to provide tourists with motivators to get them here, off the beach and spending their money at downtown businesses. With City and County blessings, Concrete Street Amphitheater’s vast open-air space allows us to achieve each of these goals by hosting safe outdoor events.

Concrete Street Amphitheater is an outdoor, open-air event facility which has repeatedly accommodated up to 10,000 guests throughout our twenty years of successful operations.    The plan we have put together follows strict safety guidelines, first by drastically reducing our capacity to 25% for events in late June and safely expanding from there. As outlined below, our number one priority is the safety of our guests and we will strive to continuously demonstrate and assure our local officials as well as the community as a whole, that we are committed to following the guidelines laid out by the CDC, local and state officials.  

Concrete Street has created significant operational modifications in all areas of the facility and will be following the guidelines and procedures listed below:

  1. Capacities will be reduced to no more than 50%, with our initial events limited to 25% capacity in order to work through operational modifications.
  2. Areas closest to the stage will be reserved for 6’ socially distanced table seating only.
  3. Ticketing will be 100% digital removing the exchange of paper from our entry points.
  4. Security screening will be conducted contact free.
  5. All employees will be given a health screening before entering the venue. Employees will all wear PPE masks.
  6. Hand sanitizing will be required before guests enter the facility. Hand washing and hand sanitizing stations will be extensively available throughout the facility. During events, a “clean team” will regularly and frequently clean and disinfect any areas that are frequently touched by guests.  
  7. Reducing Touch Spots. Operational modifications will be made to reduce touch spots throughout the facility, i.e. doors will remain open and guarded, contactless payment where possible and the elimination of all hand to hand transactions will be enforced.
  8. Six foot distancing in all vendor lines and queues will be required. Six foot spacing between all tables and seating. Entry and exits will be one way and clearly marked. Restroom occupancy will be limited.
  9. Notices and Postings. Emails will be sent to each ticket holder prior to event informing them of best practices for hygiene and public safety. Additionally, patrons will be asked to conduct self-screening before coming to the venue and stay home / request refunds if they have a fever or any symptoms. Signage will be readily placed inside and outside the park to encourage with this same information.

While open to additional suggestions, we feel strongly that these guidelines and procedural modifications allow us to operate our business in a safe and secure manner while putting people back to work, improving the mental health of those looking for outdoor activities and attracting tourist dollars to our economy.